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Shark Guardian

Shark Guardian is a UK charity seeking to advance the conservation of sharks and the natural environment through conservation, education, research projects and expeditions.

As a partner, Below and Beyond Art has produced a limited edition black and white print of a Basking Shark to help support their incredible work by donating 10% of each sale directly towards the charity.

You can purchase the print through either link below:

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Manta Trust

The Manta Trust is a conservation charity working tirelessly to protect the majestic Manta through research, education and collaboration.

Below and Beyond Art joined the charity as a Commercial supporter in 2020, donating 10% of every sale the 'Dancing Light' print directly to Manta Trust.

You can purchase the print here:

Girls That Scuba

GTS is the largest international female dive community making waves across the world.


Below and Beyond Art has had the privilege of designing the pattern for their newest range of dry robes.

Turtle Academy 

Turtle Academy is a powerfully transformative mentoring program. 

Below and Beyond Art designed their logo to represent and reflect their work.

If you are interested in a collaboration please reach out to me on the Contact page!