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Janavi Kramer is an internationally acclaimed British Artist and Scientific Illustrator with an enduring fascination for the ocean. Her creations capture a distinctive quality, serving as a testament to showcase the unparalleled wonders of the ocean. Using a variety of mediums such as watercolour, gouache, archival inks and even digital illustration she paints a window into the world below, she hopes to inspire curiosity, connection and empathy in those who look through it. Through mastering the use of colour and texture each piece has a unique quality that hopes to capture the magic and wonder of the marine world - many of which have been inspired by Janavi's diving adventures across the globe. 

As a qualified PADI Divemaster, diving has had a huge influence on her creativity and process. Starting her diving journey in 2013, she has since been lucky enough to dive all over the world.  

Beyond the surface of Janavi's work lies a deeper purpose: to shed light on the imminent threats imposed on the marine environment and its inhabitants. Through her paintings, she tells the stories of these creatures and the challenges they face, helping others to recognise the vital role the ocean plays in our ecosystem. At the forefront of her work, Janavi’s mission is to encourage her audience to take action and help protect the one thing we cannot live without - the ocean.

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Supporting conservation efforts is crucial. We are at a pivotal point in history where our Oceans and the species within it are being pushed to breaking point and we need to take action. With threats coming from all angles, it is hugely important to me to support as many charities and organisations as I can with my work. That is why a percentage of sales from specific products are donated directly to the charities listed below. I'm always endeavouring to expand this list and contribute towards conservation in any way I can. The privilege of being able to do this is all thanks to your help and support - for which I am forever grateful for.


As an Ocean Artist, Scientific Illustrator, Underwater Photographer or Conservationist, I work with brands an organisations that are aligned with my beliefs and ethos. If you're interested in working together then don't hesitate to reach out!

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