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Below you will find my most recent collaborations with other brands, businesses or organisations. I always try to ensure that all collaborators are in alignments with my core beliefs about marine conservation and environmental awareness.

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Natural England are the Government's advisers for the natural environment in England, to help protect and restore the natural world.


Below and Beyond Art has partnered with NE to create artwork as part of the 'Hidden Seas Project' to highlight the thriving and diverse ecosystems on the British Coast. 


The focus of this piece was to showcase 'The Wash' ecosystem which is home to a unique species - the Ross Worm ( Sabellaria spinulosa ). As a member of the Sabellariidae family, they create unusual tube-like structures from sand and shell fragments. Under certain circumstances, these structures can form reef habitats, crucial for the surrounding habitat which can use them as shelter from harsh conditions.


Below and Beyond Art has had the opportunity to collaborate with the largest female international diving community. Girls That Scuba is dedicated to empowering women through creating a safe space where women from all over the world can connect and share advice, tips and offer support to one another. As a diver myself, this community has been very influential so it is a privilege to partner with them and create striking digital pattern designs for some one their most popular products.

You can view and purchase them here.

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