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Meet the Artist

Below and Beyond Art was established by Janavi Kramer, a British Artist and Scientific Illustrator based in Hertfordshire. Using vibrant and visceral colours, her work articulates the magic of the ocean; not only hoping to evoke the same passion in others but to highlight the threats impacting the ocean and all the species within it. 

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Janavi works primarily in watercolour and specialises in fine detail. However, she loves to explore other mediums such as digital illustration and photography.

As a qualified PADI Divemaster, diving has had a huge influence on her creativity and process. Starting her diving journey in 2013, she has since been lucky enough to dive all over the world.

It was her love of being in the Ocean that opened her eyes to all the wonders of the ocean but also the devastating impacts of threats and issues such as over-fishing and climate change. Her mission is to create work that helps inspire others and encourages them to actively engage with the natural world and support the invaluable work being done by charities and organisations protecting the Ocean.  

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